We will continue to operate as we did last year by sending out emails with purchase codes.   

We have completed the process of sending out purchase codes to existing customers.  We consider existing customers to be those who have ordered at least once in the last three years. If you have placed an order in this time frame and have not received a purchase code, please check your junk/spam for the message before contacting us. Please feel free to contact us if you have not received a message and feel you should have.   

We are continuing to contact those who have placed a new customer request by email.  If you have placed a request, there is no need to contact us again.  If we are able to accept an order from you, we will reach out with the necessary information. When we have filled our ability to accept orders we will update the website message.

The plants we are offering for 2024 are already shown on the website.  If it is not listed we are not offering it for sale this year.  This is changing from time to time as we can only offer so many of certain cultivars and we can not predict what might be ordered.

If you are not an existing customer and are interested in placing an order in the future please email us. Simply send a message with the Subject “New Customer Request” and provide your full name, and business name, if applicable. 

We hope that everyone has had a blessed holiday season and a happy and healthy start to the New Year.

Brian & Sheila Kanotz