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Special notice:  We have sold all of rooting space for the year.

If you have placed an order you may not have gotten an order confirmation but your order was processed. Please keep your PayPal payment receipt! We are continuing to work on resolving the issues. 

If you placed an order and received an order confirmation email or a payment confirmation email your order was received and is confirmed.

2022 Ordering Season Message:

We have been overwhelmed with the amount of interest and demand for the plants we sell.  We realize that we simply will not be able to supply plants to everyone who wants them. We have continued to increase the amount of plants we have produced each year and plan to do so again this year but there is still a limit to how much we can grow.  

We are grateful for all of our customers and to those who have been so gracious during this process. We will continue to explore ways to expand the business, and produce more plants, so that we can serve more new customers in the future.

Brian & Sheila Kanotz