Growing Information

All of our large, exhibition style varieties are as easy to grow as any ordinary chrysanthemum. They can be grown in ANY area if suitable protection from freezing can be provided.

Chrysanthemums are sun lovers, and can be grown in pots or in the ground, in a location which receives at least a half a day of sun.

In colder areas where the bloom season may be shortened by cold weather, potted mums should be moved to a protected area. In cold locations, chrysanthemums growing in the ground can be potted up in September and moved into a sheltered area. They suffer little setback with this procedure, and you can have beautiful blooms through Thanksgiving!

If you live in a hard freeze zone, choose varieties with earlier bloom dates. The bloom date for each variety is listed along with the description. The earliest bloomers are from September to mid October and include the Garden Cushion mums as well as some early blooming taller types, in the various classes. The bloom dates provided are based on central California, and can vary as much as two weeks depending on latitude and temperature. For instance, blooms will flower earlier in the northern latitudes and later in the South. Also, cool fall temperatures will hasten blooms, while prolonged heat will delay the bloom.